Happy Birthday Marines. 239 years.

Semper Fidelis Marines.  I will always remember my time with Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 6th Marines.

p.s. On another note.  Let’s blitz America once again now that the elections are over.  Nov. 24th.  Will be the date that I blitz my area.  Will you blitz yours?

Freedom is not free.  Liberty is not easy.


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What if?

Check out my new blogpost at the natural advantage.

What if everything that we have been taught has been a lie? A lie intended to keep the average individual from prospering. What if the educational system was designed to make you dumb? What if our entire lives have been previously mapped out by a nearly invisible hand behind the scenes? What if this invisible hand was not the productive invisible hand of an actual free market system that Adam Smith talked about in his work The Wealth of Nations, but was actually an elite that controlled our reality so that they may harvest our work for their benefit?

Follow link to read the rest of it and for the link to work.


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Thought of the day

Thought of the day.

What do you do when you wish to domestic a wild animal? You feed it and shelter it. What does government do when it wishes to domestic a population? You feed it and shelter it. What are two of the major U.S.programs for welfare? Food stamps and low cost housing.

Furthermore the government is intimately involved in education as well as propaganda in order to direct you to what you should think. Add in sports and entertainment and the population becomes complacent and pliable.

Welcome to being the governments pet.

Or free yourself and become wild again.

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Founders Friday by National Center for Constitutional Studies

Check them out, they’re great resources.


100 Liberty Cards – (Science of Government)

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Natural Law Document from the National Center for Constitutional Studies

We here at findlibertyfndamerica are pleased to have worked with the National Center for Constitutional Studies on this campaign.  www.nccs.net.  This is what these great individuals produced for this campaign

.Natural Law Principles.pdf 

Don’t forget that there are a lot of great resources on their website http://www.nccs.net.  Including the 5000 Year Leap where these principles were taken from with permission.


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Lets get the word out.  I know central Texas will have some coverage.  Anyone else out there going to help get the word out?  Send me pics of your liberty blitz and we’ll get them online.  Also post them with the hashtag #findlibertyfindamerica to social media.  Lets make this happen.

I’m getting ready to distribute Liberty now. What are you up to?

30 minutes of work. 200 copies distributed at my workplace.

30 minutes of work and another 50 plus documents distributed throughout my neighborhood.



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Share one of our pictures on social media, or make a new one.

Let’s get the word out.  Together we can inform Americans of the founding principles.  Let’s get the word out.

Share one, or all of these pictures, or make your own.  Lets make this campaign strong.  Let’s stop hiding our beliefs and show the world that we love liberty. Lets distribute liberty to America.  Only 10 more days until the liberty blitz.

Got Tyranny? Get Liberty imageIMG_0537IMG_7156

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