Liberty Blitz: Memorial Day week. May 24-30

Where do all things start?   At the beginning.

Without a solid base we are incapable of effecting change.  Therefore we must teach the founding principles and documents.

I see the printing press as a device capable of teaching the principles of the US Constitution just as Benjamin Franklin did.  The great benefit that we have in our day and age is that we each are capable of being our own printing press.  Most of us have access to a printer at home or at work.  This is the technology that we must use in order to reclaim out republic.  We know the constitution, we know our founding principles.  Let us share these with those around us.  Let us print out the 1 page principles of liberty, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and US Constitution and leave stacks around, or pass them out.  Anything else that you develop would be great.  Lets make this a national effort that is completely decentralized.

We must stop preaching to ourselves and start actively educating the others around us. Without increasing our base we are all slaves.

Every free local newsstand could easily hold many of these principles.  We could stand at street corners and pass them out.  We could go to the local police department and pass out copies of the US Constitution.  We could do this all on film as well.  Let us distribute these throughout this nation.  Furthermore, let us do this on a single day before the upcoming elections.  Lets blitz this country with the founding principles on Oct. 20th.  This will be several weeks prior to the November elections.  Help me share this with individuals throughout the nation.  Lets blitz this country with the founding principles and lets #findlibertyfindAmerica.

If you’d like to download documents see the top of the page.  Otherwise print out what you’d like and lets blitz this country with liberty.  If we all printed out some of these and passed them out then the population would be forced to interact with the founding principles.  Help us promote this through facebook, twitter and any other social media.  Lets blanket America in liberty based information.

Let’s honor our veterans by promoting the documents we have sworn to defend.

Call to action:

1. Place Bill of Rights, Principles of Liberty, and founding documents throughout the nation.  On free newsstands, in your office, break rooms, college campuses, on cars, in mailboxes.  Anywhere you can think of.

2. Interact with your community.  Hand out the Bill of Rights, Principles of Liberty and founding documents to those around you.  At work, at school, on street corner, to the police.  Interact with those that would otherwise not have this information.

3. Support this cause anyway that you choose.  This should be a decentralized effort.  Lets plaster America with the ideals of freedom. Help write letters, distribute fliers in preparation of the Liberty Blitz.  Call radio shows and newspapers.  Post of facebook/twitter.  Lets generate a buzz amongst the liberty minded groups in order to have a successful turnout on Oct. 20th.  Together we can change the narrative in this nation at a time when others are willing to hear our message.

If we all work together then we can demonstrate our numbers and resolve.

Join me in liberty.  Join me in America.

The National Center for Constitutional Studies at sells pocket constitutions for a very reasonable price in bulk.

Lets put this together and make it happen.  Lets take back our country.

Lets get #findlibertyfindamerica trending

This is a video I made for the billboard contest check it out.


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