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Let’s respond to Operation Jade Helm

For far to long, We the People, have stood by the wayside and allowed tyranny to incrementally approach.  We have monitored the situation, we have waited in defense.  We have tallied the wrongs against the constitution, we have tallied the wrongs against us.  We have tallied the lives lost in unconstitutional wars.  We have sat in the defense allowing our men and women to be killed and others to be persecuted by a criminal government.  We have sat in silence while others have suffered…and now the enemy brings their tyranny to our doorstep.  Operation Jade Helm is a psychological operation (psyop) designed to integrate the military and civilian communities while having troops operate undetected amongst civilian population.  This operation will happen in multiple states throughout the southwest, two of which are listed as hostile, Texas and Utah.  I am proud to be a Texan if the captured federal government that wishes to dominate the country deems Texans as hostile.  I am hostile to tyrants.  We must speak up.

As a young Marine infantryman, I learned that the mission of the Marine Corps rifle squad is to “locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver, or repel the enemies assault by fire and close combat.”  I never liked sitting in the defense, I far preferred the offense.  My primary weapon these days is information.  Contrary to the mainstream media lies, Operation Jade Helm is a psyop to be used on the American people in order to acclimatize American’s to the police state and martial law.  I refuse to acclimatize to tyranny.  In the Marines my weapon of choice was the M16.  In the civilian world, with weapon close by, my weapon of choice is information.  Therefore, I propose a campaign to flyer the local area.  Let’s get together, make up flyers, and pass them out.  Let’s inform the citizens what is going on in this world and let’s force a discussion about the direction our country is going.

I will make up some fliers and add them to this post, i’ll also work towards garnering some local support in my area.  Let’s spread the message about the actions of our captured government and let’s also spread liberty.  Let’s work together to take back America and return to our rightful place. 

check out the liberty blitz as well.

This is a great opportunity to fight back against the enemy and spread the message of liberty.

This operation will occur from July 15 through Sept 15.


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Liberty Blitz during the week of Memorial Day – May 24th – 30th

It’s getting to be time to blitz America once again with messages of liberty.  We must be on the offensive in the fight for the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens.  Through the founding documents and principles we can set America free once again and secure the blessings of liberty for all once again.  Let’s expose the criminals at the top and take back our government.

Post/leave the principles and founding documents (.pdf format at top of page under printable documents) throughout your work space and community. Put them up on boards, in news bins, on tables, desks, bathrooms, cars, or anywhere else that you can think of. Hand them out to individuals and discuss if you feel up to it. Either way lets get the message out. Lets force individuals to interact with these documents.  Use the ones that we have designed or create your own.

The beginning of waking up is believing that something is wrong. The beginning of believing that something is wrong is being confronted with and understanding another way. The 28 principles of liberty (, Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights clearly state a correct path toward liberty.

Turning this country around depends on the regular education of Americans on the founding principles. Then, with this education, individuals are then able to understand the errors of our government. The people are then able to decipher right from wrong and truth from deception. Until the people understand liberty and the founding principles we will be shackled to their ignorance.

Just as Benjamin Franklin saw the printing press as a device capable of teaching the principles of the US Constitution, I too agree. The great benefit that we have in our day and age is that we each are capable of being our own printing press. Most of us have access to a printer at home or at work. This is the technology that we must use in order to reclaim out republic. We know the constitution, we know our founding principles. Let us share these with those around us. Let us print out the 1 page principles of liberty and leave stacks around, or pass them out. We could also print out the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution and anything else that we come up with. Lets make this a national effort that is completely decentralized.

We must stop preaching to ourselves and start actively educating the others around us. Without increasing our base we are all slaves.

Every free local newsstand could easily hold many of these principles. We could stand at street corners and pass them out. We could go to the local police department and pass out copies of the US Constitution. We could do this all on film as well. Let us distribute these throughout this nation. Furthermore, let us do this on a single day before the upcoming elections. Lets blitz this country with the founding principles the week of memorial day May 24-30. Let us honor our veterans with a commitment to the documents that veterans swear an oath to uphold.  Help me share this with individuals throughout the nation. Lets blitz this country with the founding principles and lets #findlibertyfindAmerica.

If you’d like to download pre made documents see our previous posts or above in the title bar. Otherwise print out what you’d like and lets blitz this country with freedom. If we all printed out some of these and passed them out then the population would be forced to interact with the founding principles. Help us promote this through facebook, twitter, and any other social media. Lets blanket America in liberty based information.

Join me in liberty. Join me in America.

Also…check out the National Center for Constitutional Studies at  They have been extremely helpful in my education through the books that they have written, as well as in assisting with this effort by giving me the permission to reprint their ideas (we literally spoke about this during the previous liberty blitz).

Share this on Facebook, Twitter, instagram and any other social media you have.

Email me at, any ideas you have would be great. Lets put this together and make it happen. Lets take back our country.

Lets get #findlibertyfindamerica

I had help from fellow patriots in designing badges that we could easily share.  This is not a strong point of mine, so any help would be great.  I’d love to see this done by individuals instead of through a central point.  Let’s all be creative and let’s all act…for liberty and our future.

This is an billboard contest submission that I made.  Let’s spread the message of liberty….

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