Simple Truths – originally written for the Natural Advantage

While i was cleaning today i ran across a step tracker thing.  This, while seemingly unimportant unleashed a firestorm of thought.  You see, this is the reason that America is not fit, and this is the result of a population that does not want to face facts.  Now…I am an unapologetic American.  I am a constitutionalist to the core and I joined the service in order to stand up for these ideals (I know…the military is being used improperly).  The beauty of the constitution is the fact that it is based upon ultimate truths.  Those truths are simple and include the following.  

Men are best left to govern themselves.

Men gravitate towards power

Some government is beneficial for society.  

The best way to ensure that men do not become tyrannical is to bind them to certain rules (our constitution) and to have the power separated within the federal government as well as between the federal, state, and local level.  

That educated men should be able to choose their representatives through a constitutional republic system.

When individuals in power choose to ignore these simple truths their motives are likely impure.

This is certainly not a complete list, but as mentioned above the system is based upon truths.  Men will try to consolidate power and use their position to screw over those who choose not to participate in government.  This is a simple truth.

Now, how does this relate to a step meter thing?  

Well it’s simple, we live in a country where our fitness experts tell us to walk to become fit and healthy.  

This is bullshit.  

While walking has health benefits it is certainly not effecting any sort of dramatic change on anyone.  The simple truth is that the human body requires intense physical efforts applied regularly And proper nutrition In order to maintain proper health.  

Intense physical activity is based upon fitness level and can be improved upon regularly through training.  

The step walker meter training bullshit is simply pandering to the lazy, unhealthy, and weak.  It’s a simple thing people can attach to themselves to feel better about themselves without actually doing any hard work.

There is nothing attractive about being overweight and obese.  It is unhealthy and it is costing the healthy American’s dramatically.  The insurance payments that healthy individuals pay are going to the obese peoples healthcare bills.  Individuals have every right to be obese or healthy, to each their own, but you do not have a right to make me pay for your poor choices.  

Furthermore, American society would be far better off if we expected health and wellness and promoted those things which actually produced health, wellness, strength of mind and spirit.  Instead we pander to the obese idiot who knows they should be eating better and working out harder.  Our pandering allows these individuals to feel good about themselves because they strapped a damn step counter to their side and counted the 200 steps they took while ordering Mcdonalds as a fitness accomplishment worth noting. 

Superior fitness is hard, health and wellness is not, the simple truth is that if we expected ourselves and the others around us to be healthy, and promoted it as possible and built individuals up mentally, then we would have a much better society that faced reality instead of a society that believes we are healthy yet largely relies upon pharmaceuticals to keep ourselves alive.

Eat real food

workout regularly

do difficult things

be healthy – mentally and physically – you might find you like it.

Throw away your damn step meter – it’s stupid

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Let’s respond to Operation Jade Helm

For far to long, We the People, have stood by the wayside and allowed tyranny to incrementally approach.  We have monitored the situation, we have waited in defense.  We have tallied the wrongs against the constitution, we have tallied the wrongs against us.  We have tallied the lives lost in unconstitutional wars.  We have sat in the defense allowing our men and women to be killed and others to be persecuted by a criminal government.  We have sat in silence while others have suffered…and now the enemy brings their tyranny to our doorstep.  Operation Jade Helm is a psychological operation (psyop) designed to integrate the military and civilian communities while having troops operate undetected amongst civilian population.  This operation will happen in multiple states throughout the southwest, two of which are listed as hostile, Texas and Utah.  I am proud to be a Texan if the captured federal government that wishes to dominate the country deems Texans as hostile.  I am hostile to tyrants.  We must speak up.

As a young Marine infantryman, I learned that the mission of the Marine Corps rifle squad is to “locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver, or repel the enemies assault by fire and close combat.”  I never liked sitting in the defense, I far preferred the offense.  My primary weapon these days is information.  Contrary to the mainstream media lies, Operation Jade Helm is a psyop to be used on the American people in order to acclimatize American’s to the police state and martial law.  I refuse to acclimatize to tyranny.  In the Marines my weapon of choice was the M16.  In the civilian world, with weapon close by, my weapon of choice is information.  Therefore, I propose a campaign to flyer the local area.  Let’s get together, make up flyers, and pass them out.  Let’s inform the citizens what is going on in this world and let’s force a discussion about the direction our country is going.

I will make up some fliers and add them to this post, i’ll also work towards garnering some local support in my area.  Let’s spread the message about the actions of our captured government and let’s also spread liberty.  Let’s work together to take back America and return to our rightful place. 

check out the liberty blitz as well.

This is a great opportunity to fight back against the enemy and spread the message of liberty.

This operation will occur from July 15 through Sept 15.

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Liberty Blitz during the week of Memorial Day – May 24th – 30th

It’s getting to be time to blitz America once again with messages of liberty.  We must be on the offensive in the fight for the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens.  Through the founding documents and principles we can set America free once again and secure the blessings of liberty for all once again.  Let’s expose the criminals at the top and take back our government.

Post/leave the principles and founding documents (.pdf format at top of page under printable documents) throughout your work space and community. Put them up on boards, in news bins, on tables, desks, bathrooms, cars, or anywhere else that you can think of. Hand them out to individuals and discuss if you feel up to it. Either way lets get the message out. Lets force individuals to interact with these documents.  Use the ones that we have designed or create your own.

The beginning of waking up is believing that something is wrong. The beginning of believing that something is wrong is being confronted with and understanding another way. The 28 principles of liberty (, Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights clearly state a correct path toward liberty.

Turning this country around depends on the regular education of Americans on the founding principles. Then, with this education, individuals are then able to understand the errors of our government. The people are then able to decipher right from wrong and truth from deception. Until the people understand liberty and the founding principles we will be shackled to their ignorance.

Just as Benjamin Franklin saw the printing press as a device capable of teaching the principles of the US Constitution, I too agree. The great benefit that we have in our day and age is that we each are capable of being our own printing press. Most of us have access to a printer at home or at work. This is the technology that we must use in order to reclaim out republic. We know the constitution, we know our founding principles. Let us share these with those around us. Let us print out the 1 page principles of liberty and leave stacks around, or pass them out. We could also print out the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution and anything else that we come up with. Lets make this a national effort that is completely decentralized.

We must stop preaching to ourselves and start actively educating the others around us. Without increasing our base we are all slaves.

Every free local newsstand could easily hold many of these principles. We could stand at street corners and pass them out. We could go to the local police department and pass out copies of the US Constitution. We could do this all on film as well. Let us distribute these throughout this nation. Furthermore, let us do this on a single day before the upcoming elections. Lets blitz this country with the founding principles the week of memorial day May 24-30. Let us honor our veterans with a commitment to the documents that veterans swear an oath to uphold.  Help me share this with individuals throughout the nation. Lets blitz this country with the founding principles and lets #findlibertyfindAmerica.

If you’d like to download pre made documents see our previous posts or above in the title bar. Otherwise print out what you’d like and lets blitz this country with freedom. If we all printed out some of these and passed them out then the population would be forced to interact with the founding principles. Help us promote this through facebook, twitter, and any other social media. Lets blanket America in liberty based information.

Join me in liberty. Join me in America.

Also…check out the National Center for Constitutional Studies at  They have been extremely helpful in my education through the books that they have written, as well as in assisting with this effort by giving me the permission to reprint their ideas (we literally spoke about this during the previous liberty blitz).

Share this on Facebook, Twitter, instagram and any other social media you have.

Email me at, any ideas you have would be great. Lets put this together and make it happen. Lets take back our country.

Lets get #findlibertyfindamerica

I had help from fellow patriots in designing badges that we could easily share.  This is not a strong point of mine, so any help would be great.  I’d love to see this done by individuals instead of through a central point.  Let’s all be creative and let’s all act…for liberty and our future.

This is an billboard contest submission that I made.  Let’s spread the message of liberty….

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Thoughts while at the bar

Improper police actions are a symptom of the power structure garnering greater power and hubris. Some cops are scared (and trained to be by the federal government) and some feel as though they are above the citizens. The police are citizens like you and I. The problem rests with individuals allowing corruption throughout society. Individuals must demand respect and honesty throughout all levels of life. Personal, professional, and politically. Without the the powered elite will continue to divide and conquer and to erode the liberties of the individuals through harsh police tactics, unconstitutional regulations by unelected officials instead of laws, and increased taxation. Oh yeah, get ready to pay a global warming gas tax and per mile driven tax now that as prices have been lowered for us.
I know that I sound crazy.
Please understand that I have spent my life interested in liberty. I have chosen to fight for a nation that believes in liberty. What I found was a government that chose to believe in something else. Can any of us say that our lives have gotten better in the last 15 years in terms of freedom? Has the government increased their power and decreased the freedom of the individual? Yes. Do you really think I am an enemy of yours? Cause the government lists gun owners, constitutionalist, and returning veterans as the primary mission of the department of homeland security (yep Germany used the same term with the nazis).

Every veteran I know agrees with me to a great extent. It’s because the mask has been removed for us. Try going to Iraq to fight the terrorists that came from
Saudi Arabia? Try learning that the American government assisted with growing opium in Afghanistan so that the us could then import it and launder the money through the international banks so that they could then also incarcerate you on the back end just because of some opium. Doing drugs is not criminal. Injuring someone is.

Did you know that George soros, who openly admits to overthrowing the government in the Ukraine is funding groups to push people against the cops with this whole black lives matter crap. Oh yeah. Guess what. We murder (abort) millions of children. Primarily black. Yet when the eugenicist organization started by margeret singer in order to kill Black people before they were born claims #blacklivesmatter it’s not seen as a joke. You know he and butler corresponded right?

Back to Saudi Arabia. So. The Kings father was put in place by the British government. That’s why they’re flying the flag at half mast over there now. So…the British crown control Saudi interests…and American interests. Saudi is allowed to commit 9/11. America goes to to destabilize the region…ie. Destroy Iraq, break it up…get some drugs going in Afghanistan…have a constant enemy…terrorism…now you must give up your privacy…this I used to game the markets and consolidate power…Osama is “killed” (propaganda he was already dead…why no body, yet we have zero dark thirty). Al Qaeda is being beaten so must give weapons to them (Benghazi, check out the citizens report on Benghazi which has a section called something like the us government switched sides in the war on terror). Now we change al Qaeda to Isis because the U.S. military (well informed) sent pictures and protested the idea that we would fight for al Qaeda (yes McCain met with them). Isis is a “new” enemy except it’s just al Qaeda again. There are many instances of our weapons being given to tem through air drops because the troops got tired of us giving them to them directly. Yes we trained them in Jordan.

Oh yeah. The pentagon knew the plan to destabilize the entire region. It’s about power and control of resources. Communism is pimped by the elite to the little man so that try can control power. The richest people in congress are the democrats who use handouts to control their constituents. Yep. The democrats were the “southern democrats” of old and switched from openly hating blacks to screwing them over by taking away their inherent self worth, therefore enslaving them even more so.

Anyway…has your life gotten better? Do you live in a free society?
Did you know that the middle class grew the most when there was the lost freedom and east regulation in America?
Also. In terms of global warming. Does it make anymore to close down clean American coal plants while letting China, with 1-7 of the world population do what they want while burning “dirty” coal. You like oxygen? Trees grow better downwind from
The coal plants – they like co2. I like to breathe.

It’s all about artificial scarcity. It’s all about control.

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Don’t allow the end of America

Do you really care so little? Will you really sit idly by as Americas liberties are destroyed. Stand strong. Not just for yourself, but for your kids, and kids kids and for Liberty in general. The consolidation of power into any small group always leads to evil. Don’t screw everyone else over because you’re too damn lazy and preoccupied to fight for right and the principles of Liberty.

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Liberty and Tiny Houses: A Patriot’s view of Alternative Housing

This is a paper that I wrote for school about tiny houses.  I fully support tiny house living (also here, here, and here) in terms of financial freedom and individuality.  I do not support the eugenics based false environmental and artificial scarcity narrative that is driven by the United Nations in order to control the population.  My family and I are personally intending to live in multiple tiny homes equaling approximately 1000 square feet.  Let’s take back control of our lives and finances.  Let’s free ourselves from debt burden through hard work now.


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Liberty blitz on Nov 20th.

Lets give America something to talk about over the holiday break next week.  Lets blitz America with the founding ideals.  Join us on Nov. 20th for a second liberty blitz.   We can make this happen together, we can raise the consciousness of America through this education.  Let’s get together and make it happen.  Check out the printed documents above.

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